A Few of my Favourite Things

What up, girl? Hows it going? Its been a long time, no see! Sorry I’ve been slacking in the old blogging department, I’ve been super busy over in the awesome department, doing the stuff awesome people do, like eating cheesy wotsits and ‘made to share’ bags of Skittles while watching reruns of old Big Bang Theory episodes. So now you fully understand my perfectly good explanations for being absent, let me get all Julie Andrews on your asses and tell you a few of my favourite things ATM..

Melt Lovesick stack


This nifty little number makes me feel the feelings. The colours are gloriously different from anything I already have, except maybe for ‘Amillie’ which is quite like Melon pigment and Expensive Pink from Mac but its a lovely shade and its handy to have! The colours are all really pigmented and blend beautifully. Another thing worth mentioning is that they are MASSIVE! They are around the same size, or just a tad bigger than the Mac prolong wear eyeshadows. There is another stack called ‘Dark Matter’ which contains all matte shades, it looks beautiful and Lynsey written ALLLLL over it, but I decided to go for the more daring stack first and get the second in the next couple of months as they are slightly expensive at £31 ($48) each.



So this leads me nicely to the first shade I’m going to talk about, Amillie. Its peachy and its goldy and it does something magical when paired with Fixated.



‘Fixated’ is perhaps my favourite shade from the palette. Its a grey with a bluey-greeny undertones. It paired Amillie, is what Romeo is to Juliette, what Jay-Z is to Beyonce, what Baby is to Jonny, whats pecans are to maple syrup and peanut butter! I mean seriously, people will talk about their pairing for centuries….…. What?



Lovesick is one of those super scary shades and its marvellous! Red.. like, red-red, pure red. I feel as long as you use black liner on the lash line or even if you don’t, you’ll be good! Seriously, take risks, do what makes you uncomfortable, (within reason, of course! Like, don’t get into cars with strangers, or let your boss feel your ass or eat food that way past its expiry date or anything like that, ok? We good? GREAT!) personally, I sometimes get a thrill out of wearing something that could potentially make me look like a bit of a twat or a serial rapist or just down right ridiculous, you know? It makes me feel like I’m making a statement to society in general saying, “Yo dudes, i know I may look like Ted Bundy or a heroin addict but I simply will not conform to your ‘standards’ and ‘rules’ so yes, I will wear this beige, short sleeve, button up shirt, beige trousers and pocket protecter (not that I’ve ever worn these things, this is in-fact a metaphor, but if I had these clothes, and I liked them, I totally would wear them!) while rocking red eyeshadow and bleach blonde hair!… Anyway, back to the subject matter.. Eyeshadows!



Promiscuous is a gorgeous purple with a blueish pearl. Kinda like Stars n Rockets from Mac, only not (I know, I know, I’m so helpful!) It really pops when put over a black base. Pretttyyyyy!

Fix Plus


Next on my favourites is Fix Plus from Mac. I’m loving this from eyeshadows and highlighter so intensify them a bit without ruining them. I also love spraying it on my makeup brush before I put my foundation on. Its a brilliant product and should be very makeup bag, in my humble opinion!

Tiki Bronzer 


Last but in no way least, (in-fact its my favourite, favourite!) is the Tiki bronzer from Hardy Candy. I bought this in Florida last year because my sister Charlene, the other non-blonde, was getting one and in typical little sister fashion, I HAD to get it too because whatever she has or is going to get, I also have to have.

The weird thing about this product is that its marketed as a bronzer. Its not. Its a glorious highlighter. Its big and last for ages, its also quite cheap (i cant remember the price, sorry!) and can be put on wet for an intense glow or dry for a subtle glow. It is amazing. I am actually finding it hard to put into words how much I love this round piece of wonder! Just take my word for it, you need it!! Problem is they don’t sell it here in the UK or Ireland, so if you’re in the states or know anyone heading over, get them to grab you some! Then you can come here and thank Charlene by giving her huge cyber hugs and kisses. She loves that sort of thing.

So that concludes my list of favourites! Hope you enjoyed reading and I shall be back soon!

Love Lynsey. xx

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Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Review

Well hello there again fellow beauty addicts, how lovely to be here to spouting my opinion to anyone that will listen about my next foundation.  May I introduce the Make Up Forever Mat Velvet +.

A shine controlling, oil-free, water-resistant, complete coverage liquid foundation.

What it is formulated to:
Hides imperfections, evens out skintone, and mattifies with a non-oily, perfectly powdered finish. The result is flawless and lasts for hours.

What else you need to know:
Although this foundation provides full coverage, the end result is completely adjustable to fit your needs—a little goes a long way.

Research results:

-Study panel composed of 22 adults (using a 48 hour patch test) showed this product to be non-irritating and non-comedogenic.
I purchased this around December time while on holiday in New York.   When I walked into Sephora (I felt like the mother ship had called me home) this was my first port of call as I had heard so many great reviews about it and decided I wanted a piece of Make-up forever action too.  I purchased the shade 35 and some other things along the way( but I’ll judge them in another blog) and trotted back to my hotel room like I’d been given the gift of trotting!!
I applied this with my real techniques buffing brush and it blended beautifully with it, so much so that it’s all I use to apply this like ever!!!

Very buildable without the cake face  finish is you build it to full

Feels light as air, photographs extremely well, blends well, doesn’t oxidise and stays put all day without drying my skin.

I’m not sure if it’s available in the UK but you can order from the Sephora website. Yes that is my only con!!

 So my humble opinion on this is : WOW, where have you been hiding all my life, you little beauty, you are perfect for me, I love you and I cannot live without you!!  Yes that’s right I AM talking about a foundation not my soul mate for life!!
Charlene. X
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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Review

Say you there, yes you! Would you like to hear a review on the Ambient Hourglass palette? Why of course you would! So there is a whole lots of mixed reviews of this product and i have wanted to try it for ages because I want to look like Jlo.

First and foremost, Ambient hourglass glass is NOT a highlighter. Loads of people think it is, (hence the mixed reviews) its not. ‘It is a finishing powder’ you just use it like you would another powder.

What Hourglass claims about this product-

“• Powders mimic universally flattering light sources, not unlike having a personal lighting technician at your disposal.

• By manipulating and filtering out harsh light, powders conceal skin imperfections, pores and wrinkles.

• State-of-the-art formula delivers a multi-dimensional luminescence to every skin tone, making it appear softer, younger and perfectly lit.

• Universal powders make them suitable for every skin tone, while each can be worn day and night.

• The finishing powders enhance skin in any type of light, including flash photography.

Palette includes 3 shades:

FullSizeRender 2

DIM LIGHT: A neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.

INCANDESCENT LIGHT (exclusive to the palette): An opalescent pearl powder that brightens the complexion with a celestial glow.

. RADIANT LIGHT: A sun-kissed golden beige that enhances the overall complexion with believable, subtle warmth, and also extends a summer glow.”


I mean it’s everything right in the world in a small compact! It makes you look like an angel licked your face. Seriously. The glowiness (and yes, that is now officially a word!) is unreal! I know i’m not really explaining myself well, but it really is just amazing! They do make individual compacts but I decided the palette would be best for me to start with because I self-tan quite frequently (sometimes a girl just likes to be a certain shade of orange, ya know?) and I wanted to try as much colours I could with as little money as possible.

Price wise they are expensive at, £56 for the palette and £38 for the individual compacts but I really do think they are worth the price!

Size wise, the palette is a lot smaller than what i thought it would be, i was expecting three full sized powders but they are three miniature powders which are-

  • Dim Light is lovely and is prefect for all over the face when i have a slight tan or to warm up my skin instead of a bronzer when i’m a little paler.
  • Incandescent Light is by far my favourite! I use this on the high points of my face on its own or with a highlighter on top if I’m going out and want be extra glowy.
  • Radiant Light is my least favourite because its quite orange on my pale skin and even more so when I tan. I think if you were naturally dark this colour would be really beautiful on.
  • All powders are best used with a dense face brush. I use my Kelly Osbourne, flat topped face brush that Mac released in spring and its perfect with this product!

All in all this product is amazing and would buy to over and over again! They also have blushes in the ‘Ambient’ range and have very recently just release ‘The Modernest Eyeshadow’ palettes. The ‘Exposure’ or ‘Monochrome’ palettes are on my ‘What I’m buying when I go to Florida’ list (said list is the size of my arm!)

Below is a picture of me wearing Dim Light and Incandescent with no touch ups on the photo. Hopefully it gives you an idea of how awesome this product is on my crap skin!

Till next time



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Foundation is Marmite!- You Either Or You Hate It!

 Hi guys, as this is my first blog post I thought I would let you know about my quest for the “perfect foundation”, what I’ve tried so far, what I’ve liked/disliked. Here’s the story so far….

My skin is combination oily and can be prone to breakouts and if I’m honest, just a little bit of a diva!!!  I like a medium to full coverage but don’t like to look like the dreaded “cake face” or like I’ve applied it with a trowel!! I get a SEVERE (oh the drama!) case of the ‘Goldilocks’! Either too thick, too thin, too matte or too luminous, etc. First to run contestant up (and its definitely a no from me) is…

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup.
What Product Claims;
“#1 product in foundation in 2012*.”
“15-hour staying power. Flawless all day.”
“This worry-free, long-wearing foundation makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity.”
“Won’t change colour, smudge or come off on clothes.”
“Feels lightweight and comfortable.”
“Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.”
Application methods that i used:
Beauty Blender
Real Techinques Expert Face Brush
Sigma F80
After hearing some fantastic reviews on this I took the plunge and ordered it online.  My first mistake! ALWAYS swatch a foundation on your skin to get a proper colour match and texture, etc. I ordered two shades, ecru for when I haven’t bothered to tan  and wheat for when I did bother. Both where too dark for me and I ended up using the ecru for when I self tanned.
I tried everything to make this work for me E.G mixing with a moisturiser, adding a little mac strobe cream and using a light hand. Nothing worked, it oxidised terribly on my skin and no matter what I tried to apply this with it always ended up looking too thick and felt like I was wearing a clay mask, it was also near impossible to take off and was still coming of the next morning when I cleansed.  I know people who swear by this foundation but not me. I swear at this foundation!!!!
The second contender was the Laura Mercier silk crème foundation
Product Description
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
All skin types
Full Coverage
Satin Finish
£97.14 per 100ml
Volume  35 ml
Application method
Beauty Blender and Real techniques expert face brush
I liked this foundation and definitely found it to be full coverage without the “cake face” look. It blended beautifully and I found the best way to apply it to my skin was with the beauty blender and a light hand,then set it with the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder.  It did oxidise after a few hours of wear and my skin did go a tad oily but nothing that couldn’t be remedied with another sprinkle of powder. You really don’t need to use a lot of this product so I think it’s worth the £34.00 price tag as it will last you a long time, even with every day wear.
All in all, a strong contender but I feel like there is something better, something that will last a little longer without any oxidising something that will make me push all my other foundations to the back of the drawer and say “you’re my soul mate and I cannot live without you!” So alas my quest continues….
I shall keep you all informed on my other foundation loves and hates on my way!
Love Charlene. xx
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Real Techniques, Bold Metal Review

What up homie? How goes it?.. Hows goes with me? Well, I’m glad you asked! Let me tell you that shiz, I recently bought three of the Real Techniques’ new line of makeup brushes, The bold Metals Collection. And, i basically thought i was buying Jesus Christ because there was so much hype about these brushes. “But ARE these brushes the equivalent of the second coming of Christ?” I hear you ask. Well, you’re just gona have to keep reading to find out!

OK, lets be real, I LOVED these brushes when I first got them.. (and then i started using them). I mean, who wouldn’t be initially enamoured? They look like the Beyoncè of the makeup brush world. I mean they look just perfect. Yes, when I pick’em up they are weighted to feel like there’s a tiny company of ballet dancers pirouetting on the ferrule. And YES, they are shinny and sparkly and incredibly distracting, in a ‘THIS IS WHAT A REAL LIVE FRICKIN’ UNICORN HORN LOOKS LIKE!’- kinda way. “Then whats the problem?!!” I hear you cry! Girl, come closer, snuggle down and let me tell you what that problem is.

It’s just that they are not everything they are hyped up to be.. The handles are plastic (or something thats equally cheap) and considering the name, I thought they would be metal.. or even just feel more expensive. Now, the ferrule and bristles do feel expensive and look it too. So I may be being super superficial and picky but it simply, is just not what I was expecting, yo!

So let’s get into the nitty gritty. I’m going to start with my least favourite and work up to my most favourite so we can end the blog feeling warm, fuzzy and safe.

OK, first up is ‘The Pointed Crease Brush’ AKA  The ‘201

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 4

What Real Techniques claims about this brush.- “Densely packed, tapered bristles apply eyeshadow for smokey effect.”

What I claim about this brush.- “Why? Just why, Real Techniques?”

It is £15 and available in Boots.

Where do I even start with this henchman of satan! I mean this brush actually offends me. Ugh, I just don’t understand! The bristles are so densely packed that it looses its softness (i mean, I’m pretty sure i could play darts with this baby!) and blend-abilty, which defeats its purpose!

So I watched the tutorial for it to try and help me use it and in it Nic (one half of pixiwoo and one of the creators of the brush line) says, “just put the eyeshadow on the tip of brush and blend in the crease and let it do all the work for you.”  So I was like, “OK Nic, you angel. I will do that!” so I did. And did I get a perfect blown out smokey eye? No, no I didn’t. What I was left with was a blotchy, red in places, sore eye from all the friction. I mean, I’m pretty sure i have skin tags! If you don’t know what skin tags are, go home… or google that shiz. So this brush is, no. Just no.

(If anyone has this brush and know a better way to use it, please impart your wisdom in the comments below. Cheers!)

Next is ‘The Arched Powder’ brush AKA The ‘100

FullSizeRender 6

What RT claims about this brush.- “The domed cut sweeps perfectly across the face for flawless application of pressed or loose powders.”

What I claim about this brush.- “Its ok, I guess.”

It is £25 and available from Boots.

This brush, for me is too floppy or not packed with enough bristles. A brush that is bristley-challenged, so to speak. This means it is difficult to blend your bronzer with, so you’re going to have to have another brush for that purpose, but it’s great if you’re going for a dewy skin look because it only lets you pick up a little bit of product. I also find that it is best used tapped onto the skin on the flat sides to set your foundation, or it moves it around your face a lot more than other brushes do.

Now for the price, I would have liked this brush to be a bit more versatile and for that reason, i just wasn’t overly fussed, although it does not completely offend me like the 201 does.

Next is The ‘Angled Liner’ AKA the ‘202

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 5

What RT claims about this brush.- “The firm slanted head fits close to the lash line for smooth, even application of eyeliner.”

I’m not doing a “what i claim” because i like to keep you on you toes and stuff.

It is £10 and available from Boots.

I was pretty impressed with this wee one. Although, It definitely isn’t firm like they say, its very soft. Which makes it crap to do eyebrows with because it gives a very soft, defused look to the stroke marks, but I guess if you like that sort of look then, yay! However, I did find it really enjoyable to do eyeliner with. I tried it with both powder and liquid and it was, to put it lightly, rather delightful! It’s just so cruel that the cheapest, in this case, was the best for me.

All in all, I was disappointed with these brushes, (or rather the brushes I bought) I was expecting a lot more from them for how expensive they are. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t mind paying a little bit extra if I know that shiz is worth it, and for brushes its kind of a little easier to pay extra because they are going to last you a long time if you look after them, so you get your moneys worth. But if I pay £25 for a makeup brush I expect that brush to make me look like Kate Moss, ya know?

I will say that they got a lot of unwarranted negativity for how expensive they are, but when you compare them to another brand, lets say Mac, then they are pretty reasonable, but I would say Mac’s brushes beat these hands down. So I suppose that makes what I just said invalid, opps!

Anyway thats me done. Thanks for reading!

Lynsey. x



Ok so we thought we’d kick off our blog in style and who better to do that with than MAC? I have recently just filled my pro palette and in the words of Sonique, “and it feels so good!” (if you don’t know who Sonique is, then lets pretend i said something really cool.) It felt so good to pop that last little round piece of wonder into that perfectly made hole! siiigghhh! so i thought id kick off the blog talking through my collection of eyeshadows, what i use them for and which one i recommend, which one i don’t etc, you get the idea!

So, lets get to the good bit, shall we? Lets delve deep into the wonderful world of eyeshadows!Wether it is colours, neutrals, naturals, sparkles, darks, warm, or cool whatever floats your boat, theres a whole glorious range available at MAC and i have to say, i am obsessed! I have fifteen regular eyeshadows and two Pro Longer shadows and I am already lusting after more!

The first one i’m going to show you is ‘Blanc Type’

IMG_8916 2

What MAC describes it as- “creamy beige”

What i would describe it as- “A pale netural cream.”

Blanc Type has a ‘matte 2’ finish, which means for all us simpletons, is that it has a satiny, more blendable texture and i would also say its more pigmented then their basic matte colours.

i use this colour all over the lids as a base, so that its easier to blend colours on top! It is lovely eyeshadow.

‘But would you say i need it buy it?’ I hear you ask. Yes! If you don’t have any other matte bases. No, if you have you already have some.

Next is ‘Kid’

IMG_8918 2

This shade is actually discontinued now so i cant find out what MAC describes it as, but i would describe it has a peachy cream. It has the regular matte finish. I use this colour to warm the crease for a transition shade or on its own in the crease with a dark lip and bold brows! I LOVE this shade and I’m really disappointed that they discontinued it! However, i would recommend to check in your local MAC stores to see if they have hiding away!

Next up is ‘Quarry’

IMG_8920 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘Soft muted plum brown’

What i would describe it as- ‘Soft medium taupe with purpley undertones’

Quarry is another matte finish and it again, is a lovely crease colour/transition shade. Its perfect for the ‘Kylie Jenner’ look. Blend it into the crease, over Blanc Type, stick on some natural looking false eyelashes, swipe on some MAC Whirl or Soar and you’re good to go, girl!

‘Would you say i need to buy it?” Yes! Its a lovely shade and finish!

Next is ‘Omega’

IMG_8921 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘Soft muted beige-taupe’

What i would describe it as- ‘Pretty much what they say’

Omega is most popularly used as an eyebrow colour for fair to blonde hair. It is a matte. Its great if you are doing a strong eye, use to fill your brows in so you don’t have it ALLLL going on, because sometimes that can be a bit much, you know what I’m saying? It is also lovely as an all over lid colour for a dark smokey eye, as the base blendy colour (i’m very technical!).

Would i say you need to buy it? Mmmmm, if you have no other eyebrow products or find the ones you have are too red and you have never heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills, because you’ve been living under a rock, or been in space or something, then yes, i would recommend you buy it.

Next is ‘Espresso’

IMG_8922 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘Muted gold brown’

What i would describe it as- ‘A cooler toned medium/dark brown’

Espresso is a lovely subtle but buildable shade. Its also a matte shade and it is also used as a brow colour for people with darker hair. I love it as an all over eye colour, blended right up into the crease as a wash of colour, then pair it with a bold lip, something like Flat out Fabulous. It is also really good as a base for ‘Woodwinked’ eyeshadow put over the mobile lid.

Would i say you need to buy it? Yea, its one of those seemingly ‘boring’ colours but theres so much you can do with it!

Next up is ‘Copperplate’

IMG_8923 2

What MAC describes it as ‘Muted mid-tone grey”

What i describe it as ‘MAC are pretty bang on with their description!’

Copperplate is a Matte2 colour. I just love the matte2 formula! I use it most with uninterrupted blended into the crease and Copperplate over the mobile lid. It is also i good crease colour for pink or mauve eye looks!

Would i say you need to buy it? Yea, its a very versatile colour and its always handy to have a nice grey shade in your palette for smokey eyes etc!

Next is ‘Embark’

IMG_8924 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘Intense reddish brown’

What i would describe it as- ‘A slice of heaven!’

Where do i start with this shade?? Lets take a minute to soak in Embark’s majesty, shall we?…. OK, Embark is one of those shades that you will be pondering about in the cold reaches of the night, thinking, ‘How did i live without this eyeshadow?’ “Why did i not know about it sooner?’ What i basically mean is, Embark is the meaning of life. It is perfect for an edgy smokey eye, blended with ‘Rule’ it is so gorgeous, it will make you shit your pants! It has a matte formula.

Would i say you need to buy it? YES!! You NEEEEEED it!

Next up is ‘Deep Damson’

IMG_8926 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘Deep Burgundy’

What i would describe it as- ‘Same as the big M!’

Deep Damson is one of those scary looking shades because it looks so red in the pan, but it actually transfers onto the skin more of a deep, deep redy, purpley colour. Guys, it is so beautiful! it is a matte finish and so very blendable and buildable. MAC have it as one of their Pro colours but you can order it from their website or buy it in a MAC Pro store. It rocks with a warm smokey eye and in the crease. Man, it is a gorgeous colour!

Would i recommend it? Yes! It is something a little different without being too in your face and scary.

This leads us nicely into ‘Rule’

IMG_8927 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘ Vivid orange’

What i describe it as- ‘Vivid Rust’

Rule is a really scary shade and i never really knew how to wear it or what to do with it at the start but play around with my makeup, i have discovered it amazing as a crease shade blended up towards the brow-bone with Emark and lots of other shades. You could use it as a ‘pop’ with a natural smokey eye. It is a matte shade and is buildable and blendable.

Would i recommend it? Yes! if only to put with Embark. They are the Beyconcè and JayZ of the eyeshadow world!

Next is ‘Seedy Pearl’

IMG_8928 2

This shade is now discontinued, so i cant see what MAC describes it as.

What i would describe it as-  Lets just say thank the lord it is discontinued because this is the worst eyeshadow i have EVER had. Its a frost, which lets be honest is not one of macs strong suits anyway! There is absolutely nothing can do with this eyeshadow! I must have been unhinged when i bought this eyeshadow! Anyway, lets move on….

Next is ‘Expensive Pink’

IMG_8929 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘Pink with duochrome’

What i would describe it as- ‘A coral with a gold shimmer’

When i bought Expensive Pink i thought i was buying a pink but when watched it, it isn’t, it is coral. Orangey shades are hard for me to wear as i am so pale. So i did what any self respecting woman would do, i ignored it. Then one marvellous day i was messing around with different looks and i used it as a pop with a super smokey eye and it was gorgeous! I started with some dark eyeliner (or paint pot) blended all over the moveable lid, up to the crease and Expensive pink as a pop on the centre, the dark base brought the under lying pink tones out and turned it a lovely rose gold! This happens because its a ‘velux pearl’ formula, so the same will be with all of MAC’s Velux Pearl finishes. So clever!

Would i say you need it? Hhmmmm, i don’t know.. Its a nice shade if you like smokey eye looks or even if you like an orangey, pink eye looks! But if you don’t, then i’d skip this one!

Next is ‘Woodwinked’

IMG_8930 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘Warm antique gold’

What i would describe it as- ‘Gold orange undertones’

Again, when i bought Woodwinked i thought i was buying a gold. So when i tried it and blended it and saw how orange it goes i was gutted. It wasn’t until i put it over Espresso that i fell in love with it. The darker shade underneath took out all the orange and gave me the ‘antique gold’!

Would i say you need it? Yea, its lovely shade with the darker shadow underneath. Even on its own its nice if you like orangey tones.

Next is ‘Satin Taupe”

IMG_8931 2

What Mac describes it as- ‘Taupe with silver shimmer”

What i would describe it as- ‘A shimmery taupe with purple under tones’

Satin Taupe is a really beautiful shade. Even though it is a frost finish it isn’t the same texture as Seedy Pearl. Its smooth, pigmented and blendable. Its a really good colour for those ‘I have no time, and i need to look like i have made an effort’ or a ‘lazy’ day, just pop it all over the lid and blend and, voila! You’re done!

Would i say you need it? Yes! For all the reasons above!

Up the next is ‘Star Violet’

IMG_8932 2

What MAC describes it as- ‘Pinky brown plum’

What i describe it as- ‘MAC has it in the description bag’

Star Violet is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated shades MAC have! This shade first came to my attention when Sam from Pixiwoo did her ‘Birthday Look’ and she used a Trish McEvoy 24 hour eye shadow and liner and i fell in love with the colour and she said that MAC Star Violet was a dupe for it, so i went and got it! Its another lovely ‘all over the lid’ for me. Just blend, swipe on eyeliner and heaps of mascara or false eyelashes and you’re good to go!

Would i say you need to buy it? Yea, its nice for something different.

Last but not least is ‘Cranberry’

IMG_8933 2

What Mac describes it as- ‘Red-plum with pink shimmer’

What i would describe it as- ‘Cranberry is a haaarrd shade to wear! But those who have figured out how to wear it, love it!

Here is a look i created using ‘Embark’ and ‘Expensive Pink’


I will post more pics through out the week to our Instagram and Facebook page.

So that is it for our first blog post!

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Hello and Welcome to our Blog

Hello and welcome to Two Non Blondes Beauty Blog!!

Since we’re brand spankin’ new, let us introduce ourselves!..

Two Non Blondes are made up of two sisters who hale from the exotic isles of Northern Ireland! (lolz.)

One half is Lynsey, the other half is Charlene.


        “I believe makeup can give one the ability to transform into someone else, to express our individuality as the unique, wonderful specimens that we are! It gives us a mask of confidence when we need it the most. It gives the ability to create a beautiful, unique master piece everyday.”



              “From a young age I was always fascinated with makeup and loved to watch people putting their faces on and watching a transformation take place. My hopes are to progress into being more confident and experimental with different colours and looks and blog about them as I try to be braver with different colours and brands.  Hope you enjoy reading our thoughts and opinions.”

Our first blog will be live on Friday 6pm so keep posted! In the meantime you can keep up to date on our Instagram page and Facebook.

Lynsey+ Charlene